Law of Attraction


I asked my Podcast co-host for permission to post a text that she kindly wrote to me.
The text is a reminder of the Law of Attraction, as well as a reminder of that when we take ourselves seriously, we let the power of creation flow.

Thank you Swati for showing me that we can conquer what we focus on.

She started saying, this is the Law of Attraction!

“I never mentioned it earlier, but I would like to mention that I am a strong believer of law of attraction. Few days ago, before you asked me whether I am willing to volunteer for this project or not, my friend told me that I should start making some podcast as you have lot of stories n experiences to share with. That time I told my friend: it may be, I’ll think about it in future. And just after two or three days of that conversation you contacted me for this project, so I instantly said yes; because, I thought it would be a new learning experience.

Also, when I wasn’t able to transfer the edited video from my ipad to my laptop, I was so frustrated that why isn’t working. I wanted to produce it as it was expected. Then I started focusing on that it will soon be in my inbox and I will be able to share it and you will present it in the meeting as planned… and it happened how I wanted at the last moment.”

Keep believing,


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Si quieres seguir a mi amiga SWATI, aquí tienes el sitio de contacto:

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