Cuida tu salud mental en tiempos de cuarentena


El pánico nos ha invadido y todos creemos que se debe a nuestro nuevo invitado, Corona. La realidad es que el pánico nos invade todos los días a través del bombardeo de información de las redes sociales, aderezada con sensacionalismo.

¿Recuerdas aquellos días en que solíamos llamar a las publicaciones exageradas “amarillistas”?

Quizás este sea el momento de meditar cerca de nuestro consumo de información virtual y reconectarnos a nivel humano, quizás este tiempo de cuarentena nos permita recordar nuestra humanidad, perdida entre los códigos que leen nuestra mente.

Aprovechemos para tomarnos un receso mental.


My relationship with Books

The joy of reading brought me back to my childhood, and how those stories inspired me to create in different ways, some times acting, other times writing or painting, even playing with my brother and neighbour.

I think I was a very lucky child having my father reading me stories that filled my imagination and my mother telling me about her life as a child. Stories that I keep secret near my heart

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I remember spending hours fantasizing about what I had read and writing my own stories. When I was a child, my father uses to read me fables, mostly from our indigenous Venezuelans, but also from around the world. My favorites were the fables from the Venezuelan editorial Ekare and those from the Danish author Hans Christian Andersen

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Right now writing about these memories has drawn a big smile on my face! I also remember creating my own comic books. I even considered myself a professional in that matter!

I used to live in a fairy tale place, imagine coming to a home where the first view was a wall covered by books, it was like a version of the secret garden, I should say the secret library!

I also used to use the space to lie on the floor every time I needed time for myself, I remember the comfort that being there looking at the books gave me, it was like if I was waiting for them to talk to me.

That space was full of surprises to discover, such as when I managed to sneak into the forbidden books, or when I found the first cigarette I ever smoked, in a box left by one of my father’s colleagues. I found them on the high shelf where my father tried to hide them.

Being around books became a big part of my childhood, there was always a reminder, either because my dad used to leave the dining room table full of disorganized books, magazines and newspapers, or just hearing my mom’s voice telling dad

Victor, why do you always have to leave a mess?

Then threatening my father without fulfilling the threat,

I’ll throw all your books in the trash the next time you leave them on the table

My parents used writing as a way to express themselves in their own unique way. My mother used to write about her emotions on a journal when she wanted to tell my father something that was not easy for her to talk, and my father always wrote for academic purposes.


When we were happy!


I remember as a child wanting to go out to play with my neighbours and expending most of the time engaging in creating a different world every day. Being playful was the fuel for being creative, and being creative gave me the courage to conquer everything I wanted.

One day, we were playing the rescuer hero, and suddenly, the building became a rocky mountain from where we needed to escape helping each other. We needed to climb down the rope, but not a regular rope, this was a superhero one made by a combination of our skipping ropes, our dad’s belt, and a blanket that we tightened together and attached to the second-floor railing, and started our mission climbing down when one of our neighbours -thank God for neighbours- saw us and run to stop us calling, yelling, at our mother

“Olivia! your kids are about to jump from the second floooooor”

At that moment, my brother was ready for the mission, beginning to go outside the railing when they stopped us, who knows what would have happened to him if he had climbed with this combination of loose knots?

Every time it comes to mind, I can clearly see that we would not achieve it, the rope was already loose and we were heavy, it would not have supported our weight, most likely we would have landed in a disenchanted way.


Anyway, we used to have fun and the link between our imagination and reality was unlimited, we could do and be whatever we wanted, and it felt GOOD. But, at some point that I can’t define, everything started to be difficult or impossible to conquer, my creations started to grow apart from my reality and they would be less frequent. I stopped marvelling, stopped creating, and one day without noticing what was going on I found myself searching for the meaning of things, a purpose, a life.

At that moment I knew I needed to go back to play.



My first year into this decade is over. honestly, I’m glad I left it behind!
I was ready for something else, ready for a glamorous year. I had idealized my fifty years, therefore was not prepared for this gift: a set of health tests that I did not expect, at least not all at once.

Yes, a set of letters from health Canada, all Cancer Care, made me feel uncomfortable, thinking that something was wrong with me, triggering my anxiety which add a few more test to the pile. I ended up with a panic attack, that I keep blaming my hormones for, but that the hospital thought it could have been related to heart issues, so, more tests… not what I consider glamour!

If you must know, not only my health was an disenchantment, but my finances as well. Last year, I took on the task of mastering bad decisions, I spent my small savings, which took me forever to have, venturing into Florida and taking the year off from work, and I did it all without bothering myself on thinking about it. I still wonder, what in the world was I thinking? What did I eat that poisoned my brain? I should have followed my doctor’s advice and taken hormonal pills. Only if I had known that they would take care of my mind, would I have avoided falling down the cliff where I am now.

Either way, life continues to give me opportunities to correct my mistakes.
I learned the lesson and learned in a difficult way the importance of controlling my emotions, finding meditation first and then the prayers as part of my mental health routine, I also decided to pay attention to what I am eating and be aware of the benefits. from moving, therefore, I managed to adjust an easy exercise routine to regulate my metabolism and slowly return to swimming, diving and running.

Finally, who does know what the future will bring us? No-one!

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Blogging, A therapeutic experience!


You know when you have a thought that seem not to want to leave you alone unless you share it? Well, that is exactly what I have been experiencing in the past few days.

It all started when I said to myself -out loud- I need to stop procrastinating! Yes! I have the habit of postponing thing that is important or wait until last minute to run like if my life depends on it, you procrastinators out there know how it feels.

In case you are curious about how I manage to get things done, I don’t! I always wait until that very last minute, which explains the reason why my postings are very erratic. Of course! There is no deadline for a blogger.

However, I had the desire to work on this blog, the need to express myself and feel that doing so would help another doubtful person, then, no matter what or how to start, just with the response of when which resonated in my head NOW, Now is a perfect time!

Then, after years in my mind, full of fears and in my worst moment of anxiety, one day I did it! I opened my blog!

I never imagined how therapeutic it would be for me. It was liberating and scary, you should know that there were more deleted posts than you can read here, and although my mind kept telling me, can you write in English? My feelings told me to GO! Who cares, express yourself! Then, I stopped thinking and that was the short magic moment when this journey began.

Even so, I have doubts every time I sit down to write, but now I do it anticipating the thrill of feeling satisfied. As my fellow Toastmasters, Joze Piranian, says, the repetitive exposure to the source of fears desensitizes you and make them less threatening.

Finally, my wholeheartedly advice to you is: start NOW, anything you have been wanted for a long time…Now is the time!


I’m still here!


It feels as if my last post was just yesterday! It has been challenging to keep my own promise to post content every week, first I have a life, second, and more honest reason is I am a procrastinator.

Nonetheless my desire of expressing and sharing experiences of this stage of my life with you is firing me up, giving me new ideas, and ways I can communicate my thoughts and experiences with you.

One of the things that I am “cooking” is a notebook with inspirational quotes that define some of my feelings and common experiences of this stage of life, and I found it fun to add coloring pictures.

This little things that I’m creating here and there has given a different meaning to my live, helping me to heal emotional and psychologically, as well as a way to explore my life purpose. It forces me to slow down and take time for myself, to listen to my feelings and learn to be comfortable with them, acknowledging their presence and knowing that they are there for a reason. To guide me, recognize a problem or address a solution..

I keep keep you posted, and happy November.